Welcome to the web page of a new slider puzzle "WRAP"!

This is a new twist on a classic slider puzzle! Instead of traditional 15 tiles this puzzle features 16 tiles. There are four rows of four tiles each. How does it work? The rows & columns of tiles are looped. You can move them in any direction (right, left, up or down) at any time. The tiles will move in circle: if you move a tile down, then the lowest tile in that row will reappear on top of the row.

The puzzle offers several images that are arranged according to their complexity. At the beginning of each puzzle you will see an image. Swipe the bottom "Shuffle" bar to start. When the puzzle is completed, swipe the "Next level" bar to get to the next level. If this game is interrupted it will be automatically saved at current state so you could finish it later.

Enjoy, have fun and let us know what you think. We are working on adding new features and creating more extensive image gallery. Good luck!

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